Premte Peeves


A good friend has spent the last few days rooting her brand new smart phone; she bought it because she couldn’t upgrade her last one enough. Another friend traded in his perfectly good, 2009 sports car because “he couldn’t do any more with the old one.” I wore a hole in my sock this morning; I tossed it.

We don’t darn socks anymore.

3 thoughts on “Premte Peeves

  1. I just got a new, semi-intelligent phone (Blackberry), but only because I kilt the old one, deader’n’dead. It just expired from exhaustion, I think.

    Maybe ‘cuz my dad was a Depression kid, I keep stuff around forever.

    I darn socks sometimes. I’ve had the same shelf system for going on 10 years (the cd player died, and I plug in a portable cd player to listen to music). My TV is a 19″ RCA that I bought in 2004. My microwave is from about 2006. I still have one of those VHS/DVD combo players. I have had the same Henckels chef’s knife since 1995.

  2. Aileen, you’re my kinda people.

    I admit to getting a new-to-me cell while my RAZR was still operable but only because I went over to the dark side in carriers. OTOH, I come from an old Quaker farm family. My mom found a box of blue glass jars with cork stoppers in the attic before the house was open for Chester County Day some years ago. The jars were wrapped in 1860s newspapers by my great-grandfather. We put some on the mantel in the guest room and the hostess told that story.

    “My goodness,” one visitor said. “Doesn’t this woman ever clean her attic?”

    Nope. And we never threw anything away.

    Now, I have this rescued sock…

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