In any other universe, when one breaks the law, one generally goes to jail. Instead, Charlie Rangel had to endure standing up while Nancy Pelosi somberly intoned “you are a bad man. Bad. Really bad. Really.”

The news calls it a “staggering fall for Mr. Rangel.” Even Faux News thought this “punishment” nearly capital. A staggering fall? Ms. Pelosi didn’t even rap his nose with a newspaper.

3 thoughts on “Spanked

  1. You one of those people who loves punishment? Especially when meted out to other people? I haven’t seen a lot of good come from it. They SHOULD show him the door. But his constituents still want him. Another sign that the American public, and not just conservatives, are not interested in truth, beauty, or good government.

  2. Not punishment. Isn’t “Corrective Action” the proper liberal phrase?

    Rubbing a puppy’s nose in its poop only works if the puppy thinks its poop really really don’t stink. Ms. Pelosi didn’t even rap Mr. Rangel’s nose with a newspaper.

    If we want to rein in the Congress Critters to represent us properly, we need them truly to understand the consequences of not acting properly, lawfully. See, right now, Congress is above the law. And Congress knows it.

    Of course, Mr. Rangel’s actions — and his “punishment” — show that maybe they do represent us properly.

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