Party Hearty

The Federal Aviation Administration has set stiff airline fines for those hours-long waits on the tarmac some airlines “give” their passengers. Carriers that do not provide food and water after two hours or a chance to disembark after three hours will face penalties of $27,500 per passenger.

I have sat waiting to take off for half an hour or so but luckily have never been held that long. Of course, the two hour break for bread and water will guarantee a need for the three hour break to pee.

I’m thinking it would have been smarter just to give the money for a single, 200 passenger junket on the tarmac to the passengers than to spend it for a great drinking party in Atlanta.

3 thoughts on “Party Hearty

  1. George agrees.

    The airline defaults on its schedule promise, the FAA collects twelve millions dollars, and the passenger gets zilch. — or mebbe a voucher for future use.

    The FAA shares the money with the general fund, Michelle Obama uses it to go to Paris, Hillary uses it to bribe developing nations in Copenhagen, and Homeland Security uses it to buy bullets.

    Meanwhile, the airline looks at its bottom line and raises fares to cover its fox pass.

    — George

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