That Irritating Site Over ===> There

MyTwitSpace gave me a series of error messages that my Firefox browser was too too old to conform to MyTwitSpace and that I would have to upgrade Firefox to continue using the site. Of course, the I.E.6.0 I maintain for such occasions worked just fine. I’ve had trouble with that site ever since but, up until this morning, the I.E. plug-in for my new  Firefox 3.5.5 worked fine there.

Until this morning.

I tried to post the usual teaser about Tiger Woods’ difficulties in my MyTwitSpace blog and the !@#$%^ page doesn’t work despite the Firefox upgrade. Then it crashed I.E.


If the site remains this difficult to use, I will not much longer maintain my MyTwitSpace space. Readers can find me in FaceBook or here in the permanent home of the No Puffin Persective.

5 thoughts on “That Irritating Site Over ===> There

  1. Every coupla weeks I get a tweak from someone recommending that I join Facebook. My beautiful veterinarian wants me to, and a young man who claims to be my second cousin also. I have never heard of him and suspect he is after my money when I die.

    None of them had ever said why they wanted me to do it, so I suspected there was a *points* system involved where if they get so many people to join they win a toaster or a gift card to WalMart. I asked my vet about it, and she said I always had something interesting to say and thought I would have a good time there.

    I asked her to give me an example of something interesting I had to say, and she could not think of anything.

    Anyway, I don’t have Firefox or any of those exotic pieces of software. I use IE something or other that came with this little machine — and I don’t have a clever picture of my feet to put out like Dick Harper does.

    I do have one of my nose and cheekbone that I accidentally snapped when I looked through the view finder the wrong way. But it is out of focus and could be mistaken for something obscene that should mebbe be on Derrierebook instead. (I mean the little hairs coming out my nostril do look suggestive when viewed out of context and out of focus.)

    — George

  2. George said, “I suspected there was a *points* system involved …

    This answer requires Top Secret clearance but I was able to get a waiver to tell only you. We’ll keep it just between us so please remember not to share this: FaceBook gives your sponsor 72 Virgins.

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