Get a Backbone, Dodd

The AP reports that, “Facing the toughest re-election fight of his nearly 30 years in the Senate, Sen. Christopher Dodd (D-CT) boasts about snubbing lobbyists.” That hasn’t stopped him from cashing their campaign checks and schmoozing them at fundraisers and party gatherings.

I gotta tell you, Senator, if you took my money in the bedroom and lied about me on the street, it would be the last time you got any from me.

Take a lesson, politician. It is time to put your mouth where your money is.

4 thoughts on “Get a Backbone, Dodd

  1. I think Laura Ingrahm is from CT. She’s always getting on his case for similar malfeasance. But she is a woman, and no one pays attention to the high-pitched complaints of women. However, now that you have added your (male) voice to the mix we might see some action.


  2. Take a lesson, “politician”?

    The VOTERS are the people that need to take the lesson. In public he claim to be pure, in private he’s a whore. (Hmmm… there are lyrics in there.)Typical politician.

    Don’t blame the lobbyists — THEY are doing their jobs.

    It’s up to the voters to demand honesty.

  3. Yes, Politician.

    Ask any voter on the street or coming form the ballot box. They’ll tell you they do demand honesty. Ask the smart ones; they’ll tell you Politicians don’t give it.

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