FaceTwitSpace has a Universal Healthcare Poll running this week. As of this writing, over 107,148 other people have voted on the question, “Are you in favor of a Government run healthcare system.”

My vote was ‘Hell, No!’

This Health Care argument has nothing to do with health. After all, all the people who will vote on it will not be covered by it.

It’s about the money. And power.

If you can drive the private insurers and private providers out of the market, whatever is left controls who lives and who dies. If you have private insurance, you can change insurers if you don’t like your coverage. If the government says “You must have insurance and you must get it from us,” they put you in jail if you change insurers.

That’s Change We Can Believe In.

If you can drive the private insurers and private providers out of the market, TWO TRILLION more dollars end up in Washington. Each and every year. Except next year when it will be more. And the year after when it will be more still more.


That’s Change We Can Believe In.

President Obama told the nation Wednesday night that we must “change the health care system to reduce the costs and restore the economy.” That is exactly correct. Unfortunately, Mr. Obama did not say another word about reducing the cost of service or restoring the economy; he spent his news conference time on changing the health care system to one run by Uncle Sam’s bureaucrats instead of one run by insurance bureaucrats. That doesn’t fix the problem. It just changes its location. Two trillion more dollars change hands from the private sector to go to Washington. That is exactly wrong.

That’s Change We CAN’T Believe In.

Pundits have said that new Administration’s need to stack accomplishments during the first 100 days is the reason for the rush to ObamaCare. Nothing could be further from the truth.

It is critical that the Administration fast track Universal Health Care through immediately, just as they did the “Stimulus Pack” and the theft of the auto industry and their concessionist international diplomacy and the bank bailout that somehow forgot to make any mortgage money available and the 100 days/100 press conferences.

Why is it critical? Because even Congress would rebel if they actually read the bills.

That’s No Change At All.

4 thoughts on “Change

  1. Oddly, I agree.

    Earlier today I called the office of a surgeon who had been recommended to me, and it took the young woman only five minutes to qualify me as a new patient and get me set up for a look-see appointment with the cutter.

    This is not life-threatening surgery, and I’m sure he has patients with more serious issues who call and need his skill. Yet, I was able to *get in* to see him in less than five working days. To facilitate the process, she pre-set a second appointment four working days later for the actual in-office procedure.

    Try that with your Canadian or State run healthcare systems.

    — George

  2. Destroy and get rid of the stinking HMO’s and let Doctors be Doctors!

    That is the answer to our health care woes!

  3. On Monday, the administration delayed the release of the traditional midyear White House budget review until Congress takes its annual August vacation, the Washington Times reported.

    Gee, and here I wondered why the President thought it so important to pass the two trillion dollar annual health care bill before the August recess.

    Yeppers, Change We Really Need, innit.

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