Change has come to America and Republicans can rejoice. After 8 scandal free years inside the Beltway, the Clinton Administration is back!

U.S. President-elect Barack Obama formally nominated Timothy Geithner as Treasury secretary and Lawrence Summers for the National Economic Council. Geithner worked for Summers who was Treasury secretary under Clinton. Hillary Clinton looks to be Secretary of State. Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico is the likely Secretary of Commerce. He was Energy Secretary and U.N. Ambassador under Clinton. Tom Daschle as Secretary of HHS may not sound like a Clintonite but he did lead the defense in the Senate.

Slightly more nebulous, Eric Holder served as deputy attorney general under Clinton and may get a promotion from Obama. Gov. Janet Napolitano of Arizona at Homeland Security served as attorney for Anita Hill in the Senate hearings and is a former U.S. attorney appointed by Clinton.

I’m thinking it is time to pull that biological-fluids-coated dress away from Gil Grissom and give it back to the media.

5 thoughts on “Change?

  1. Obama makes more sense to me now. He didn’t follow the strict party line in the Senate because he’s an uber-liberal. He followed it because it was safe. Now his ambition is to be seen as a good President and the safe way to accomplish that is appoint all his centrist friends. I bet he has no actual philosophy beyond his ambition. That’ll serve him well.

  2. “Uber-liberal” I like that.

    Uber is a German word that means over. We in the West use it in PC speak to mean something bland and more akin to *ultra*. —And we say that someone is uber or ultra-liberal because we don’t have the gonads to call them a socialist. Somehow, ultra-libral or uber-liberal is more sterile than just plain socialist.

    Someone named Royer wrote that liberalism and socialism are children of the same communist crocidile. They smile at you and eat you with the same set of teeth.

    If we continue in the German mode, I bet Hitler had more balls than to call himself an uber-socialist. If he had, he would have been laughed out of the Reichhaus. Can you imagine NAUZI as a political party acronym?

    But uber liberal is cool.

  3. Somehow I read “the Clinton Administration is black” and was all, huh? Then I thought the unthinkable (although I am gratified to learn I’m not the only nor even the first to have thought this: President-elect Obama needs to have the theme song from “The Jefferson’s” as his inaugural music.

    Wot’s this poast about, anyway?

  4. Speaking of Clinton: The negro race has been around longer than the caucasian; in fact, anthropologists (look it up) tell us that negro man was first to walk erect. However, the caucasian was first to do it in the Oval office.

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