2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. TR2? Or a VERY early 3?
    I never drove one…. after all that lusting for one that got diffused when I bought the Mini Cooper S and then the Healey 100-6.

    • The nose says TR-3.

      Generally TR3s did not have door handles or rear fitted separate flashers — although very late TR3s do have the rear flashers and, of course, the transition cars (2>3, 3>3A, and 3A>3B) could have whatever was available put on them at the factory.

      The 3 had the small mouth with eggbox grille and no door handles (unless the car came with a hardtop from the factory). The first 3s had front drum brakes, then front discs, no trunk handle, and rear indicators were red (except for last cars which were orange) and a thin front bumper bar with pronounced wrap around at ends. This car had new upholstery, no front bumpers, door handles, and orange turn signals. It could have come that way or it could have been “restored” from scavenged parts. Lots of peeps put the big grill on the older 2s and 3s. This one could have gone the other way but I hope not.

      If you click through, the red one beside it is a TR6.

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