Do What I Say, Not What I Do

Republicans distance themselves from Mr. Trump because he says “bad things.”

Ms. Clinton not only supports but covers up for Mr. Clinton who says “good things” but does far worse.


The question to voters is simple:

Do you want someone who is politically incorrect or someone who says whatever you want to hear while she sneaks and scurries around behind your back to hide the foulest of crimes?

The bums who need tossing first are the hypocrites throwing rocks from both sides of the aisle.


One thought on “Do What I Say, Not What I Do

  1. Back in March, I wrote, “We get a great choice this year. A loose cannon businessman v. a liar-turned-party-hack and a liar-and-party-hack v. a loose cannon socialist. I can hardly wait.”

    Wow, how things have changed. We ended up with a loose cannon schoolyard bully v. a liar-turned-party-hack and the weasels are running for cover.

    He made his ties in Indonesia. She traded cattle-futures.
    He declared bankruptcy. She didn’t declare the failed Whitewater Development Corp.
    He taps his Foundation for politics. She taps her Foundation for politics.
    He talks about sexual assault. She covers up sexual assault.

    The Republican Party tried its darndest to dump Mr. Trump.

    The Democratic Party tried their darndest to embrace Ms. Clinton.

    They reaped what they have sown.

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