Put A Cork In It


Everyone poops. And burps. And farts.

Cows do it more than you or even I do.

Cow with Its Legs CrossedThe California Air Resources Board wants to slash cow methane emissions by 40%. The CARB strategy plans to regulate improved manure management practices, new diets for cattle, and what they call “gut microbial interventions.” California legislators are currently considering a bill to enforce these suggested regs.

I’ve heard of cow “tipping” but never of exploding cow balloons.

These political “scientists” have too much time on their hands. I’m thinking they don’t like farms very much.

I like Argentina’s idea better. That cattle-based economy would strap large collectors onto cows to trap methane. Bleed it off. Burn it for energy. Maybe California legislators plan to sell all their cows to Argentina.

I suspect the cows would rather wear a backpack than a butt plug, too.


2 thoughts on “Put A Cork In It

  1. Bit by bit, the wannabe Bolsheviks are getting their fingers into every bit of human endeavor (for our own good, of course.)
    This is udderly ridiculous — not 20 years ago, “Volatile Organic Compounds” were described, for regulatory purposes, as “non-Methane/Ethane.” Why? Because there are ZERO health risks associated with atmospheric methane (as opposed to longer-chain molecules that can react to become smog.) So what has changed? Obama’s EPA has decreed that it can regulate Methane because of it’s “Greenhouse Gas” properties. Yep — Global Warming again.
    I surely hope SOMEONE in the California Legislature has sense enough to ask this question: “AT THE BEST, how much impact would cattle methane regulation have on this supposed global warming problem, and what would that impact cost?”

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