2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. My ex, when I married him, had an organ.

    Yes, he had that kind, but he also had the kind you sit down at and play. Wait, let me rephrase … he had a musical instrument with a keyboard and electronics that would produce sounds similar to what you’d get if you ran compressed air through different sized tubes and pipes. If you’ll stop sniggering, I’ll go ahead and refer to that as “the organ.”

    My ex didn’t play “the organ.” He didn’t know how to play “the organ.” He had one because he thought he should have one. Not long before our marriage ended he gave to me, as a Christmas gift, a pinball machine AND the promise to get rid of his organ. He made good on his promise, but following our divorce he immediately procured not one but *two* organs. He has two organs now, neither of which he plays. Nor does he know how to play them.

    Why am I telling you this?

    Because it occurs to me that you have two boats.

    I think the key difference is that you know how to float your boats.

    • <g>

      I’ve had 9 boats in my lifetime (in kind of chronological order):
      21′ wooden cabin cruiser that we later discovered was a Chris Craft kit boat. Sold.
      A dinghy my dad and I built in the cellar (really). We didn’t have any trouble getting it out. Sank in Delaware Bay.
      27′ Richardson cabin cruiser that has a lot of stories. Sold.
      50′ Bristol twin-diesel cabin cruiser that didn’t fit at the dock at Kibler’s. Went to the Keys. Sold.
      10′ O’Day sailing dinghy. In the Vermont barn.
      16′ Evinrude speedboat. For Sale!
      30′ hastia catamaran family sportboat prototype. Never went into production.
      12′ hastia speedracer prototype. Never went into production.
      16′ O’Day daysailer. In the Keys.

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