What a Pile of Doggie Doo

Miami-Dade Animal Services removed 42 Chihuahuas from a Miami-Dade home today; Animal Services cited “uncontrolled breeding.”

Say what?

There was no abuse, Animal Services said, but the unusually large number of dogs in the home appears to have resulted from uncontrolled breeding.


If you have more than four dogs, Animal Services will take them away from you.

Veterinarians examined the dogs, They found every last one is in good condition. Animal Services is putting the Chihuahuas up for adoption.


Looks like you can have as many children as you want but if you have more than four dogs, Animal Services will break down your garage door and take them away from you. Then they’ll sell them to other people for $65 or $75 each.

Is this a great country or what?


4 thoughts on “What a Pile of Doggie Doo

  1. “What’s the matter with these people?” Liz Arden asked. “Fort Lauderdale makes homeless people go hungry. They could eat dog!”

  2. I certainly hope you are commenting on the disparity between the uncontrolled breeding by humans and the uncontrolled breeding of animals.
    Perhaps fault does not lie with Animal Services (although healthy, what kind of life is destined for the dogs of puppy mills?), but lies with services that allow for uncontrolled breeding by human nitwits.
    (Yes, it is true. I will fight to the death for domestic animals – humans are on their own.)

    • This, of course, wasn’t a puppy mill but rather a “crazy cat lady” who had dogs instead and cared for them well.

      No, the real take away here is that the government (Animal Services, in this case) gave itself the power to break into your house and take your lawful property away from you. The authorities declined to charge the owner with cruelty, since all the Chihuahuas were in what they themselves called “good condition.” There was no animal neglect. There was no animal cruelty. There should be no story.

      Except the government gave itself the power to break into this guy’s house and take his lawful property away from him, just because they thought he had too many of them. Dear God, I hope they never start counting my books. Or your cats.

      And, shades of the theft of General Motors, the government sold all 42 Chihuahuas to other people for $65 or $75 each.

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