One thought on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. My son — who is an engineer–bought a boat at a good price and sailed it to Galveston, where he moored it (if that’s the right term) to a post about 150 yds from the beach. A few hours later the tide went out and lay the boat on its side.

    He, being an engineer, used his huge brain and decided to let nature upright the boat at the next tide’s in-coming. However, nature would have none of that; and the rising tide flooded the boat’s interior before the water rose high enough to float it.

    At the next low tide we walked out to it and dragged it ashore with a heavy tractor. Water poured out as we dragged it, and the keel did not make the trip.

    The boat now sits in dry dock — sans keel — on six by six supporting beams a foot or so from the ground in his yard.

    — GeorgePoleczech

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