Guest Post: Rufus Rants about Racing

Now the nonsense starts following the death of sprint car driver Kevin Ward Jr.

Kevin Ward gestures at Tony Stewart
According to this story, some tracks are making it a rule that a driver can’t get out of a wrecked car unless directed to do so by safety personnel.

Sorry, boys. The rule you already had — the driver must get off of the track immediately after exiting a wrecked car — is the right rule. Wrecked cars sometimes catch fire. You do not want to sit in them patiently. Get out, get off the track. Kevin Ward got half of that right. The other half is what got him killed.


2 thoughts on “Guest Post: Rufus Rants about Racing

  1. I saw a movie in the early 50’s where a race car driver said, “Live hard, die young, have fun while it lasts.” Or words to that effect.

    His big final scene was of him maniacally laughing his A$$ off while burning to death in a crash. After that, I sought out another sport to follow.

    Race car drivers are a hyper-tempered bunch…and even the soft-bodied Danica Patrick has been known to display her gonaddy…er, I mean her Godaddy traits and spill out onto the track when she felt she had been trashed-crashed by a male competitor/fellow driver.

    “What will be will be”, says Shakespeare’s Hamlet and the lovely Doris Day. Eventually the rulers of racing will decide who is right and who is wrong in the Kevin Ward tragedy. But in my way of reasoning, a man who gets out onto a racetrack in a fit of temperament to challenge oncoming cars is subject to become an instant ancestor.

    — George

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