Wednesday Weather

El Niño

There is an expectation that 2014 will be an El Niño year, according to Mike Halpert of the U.S. Climate Prediction Center. It might be a weak El Niño. It might be a strong El Niño. It might be an average El Niño. We don’t know. But the solar deniers say Al Gore can predict the entire climate 50 or 100 or 500 years out and that’s settled.

El Ninnies.

One thought on “Wednesday Weather

  1. My cat “Young Man” can detect the fall in barometric pressure even before a storm arrives or sounds of approaching thunder reach us. She (Young Man is a female) is horribly afraid of thunder and lightning; and when I find her hunkered near my feet I know that bad weather is on its way.

    A few minutes earlier I discovered her near my chair, and five minutes later I heard the distant rumbles of thunder. I clicked onto the weather station and sur’nuf, nasty yellow and orange computer generated radar blips appear nearby. Even now I look out the window and see my fig leaves getting pummeled by droplets of rain.

    Thank you, Young Man. Some day you could be Vice President of the USA.

    — George

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