Keeping Our Promises

“Dear Valued Customer:

“Your health care coverage with Blue Cross/Blue Shield ends December 31, 2013. Please make other arrangements.”

The new Blue Cross BlueOptions Everyday Health 1431 plan has about twice the deductible, out of pocket max, and copays as the plan I have now. My current Blue Cross plan costs $431/month. ACA forced Blue Cross to drop that plan in favor of one that will cost at least $1,039.87/month.

Yep. Keeping our promises to the American people.

Or not.

Update: Brian Williams had this to say about that on NBC Nightly News.

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One thought on “Keeping Our Promises

  1. My sweet liberal Sister-In-Law is a *sales* representative for Blue Cross Blue Shield; and it is her job to call on doctors and Health and Human Services Department managers of corporations to advise them of upcoming options regarding their current insurance coverage. During both recent presidential elections she kept an OBAMA-BIDEN sign in her front yard.

    Last week I called her house about 8:30 PM to inquire of her well being because I had not heard from her in a month. When she answered, I asked how she was, She said, @!@#$!#%$@#!!!@!!. Notice I did not put it in quotes because the version I posted here was a paraphrase; but you get the picture.

    After a few moments, she calmed down enough to tell me that it was, “Eight-thirty at night”, and that she had “just got home” from having “the most” #!@#$%!@##!!#est “kind of day imaginable”.

    If I had been in receipt of Herr Blogmeister’s hapless situation as he reported in his most recent posting, I could have related it to her in empathy. I suspect, however, that she would have said, Oh, FU#@K him!. And dip his first born in SH!@#T (paraphrased).

    Liberals are that way when their ox gets gored.
    — George

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