Syria (Sigh)

The President of the United States drew a red line in the sand. Then he lied about it.

I worry…
1. I worry that our Administration just keeps on lying to us. Again. (From the vast domestic surveillance program to ordering Boeing to shut down its new factory in South Carolina — because the factory and its 1,000 new employees were non-union — that should be no surprise.)
2. I worry that isolationism is taking hold. Again.
3. I worry that we either don’t have a plan or that our plan is radically different than anything the Administration is telling us. Again. (See #1.)
4. I worry that every airhead in a “leadership” position says Mr. Assad is violating “norms” because they want us to think they have neither law nor treaty authority. Again. (Except the Chemical Weapons Convention explicitly outlaws producing, stockpiling, and using chemical weapons.)
5. I worry that so many ostriches are asking, “Should there be consequences?” Again.

Should there be consequences? Committing genocide, whether writ large or small, violates my very core and, I suspect, yours. We do have two options:
1. Snatch Mr. Assad and deliver him to a world court.
2. Destroy the chemical arsenal of any nation or terrorist group that uses them anywhere in the world. Then do number one.

According to a poll making the rounds on the Interwebs, the Majority Of Americans Approve Of Sending Congress To #Syria.

We Have Met the Enemy

10 thoughts on “Syria (Sigh)

  1. A couple of backstory comments:
    If Mr. Assad wasn’t a liar before this incident, he has certainly had the Leader of the Free World to use as a role model.

    I didn’t want to use conservative lobbying group Citizens United’s partisan video but they were the only group that linked both video of Mr. Obama’s original speech and video of Mr. Obama’s later lies about that original speech.

  2. Looking back at the tangled duplicities practiced by all involved parties, I ask why the questions are not asked: Who really used the WMD sarin gas? Why is it not mentioned that trucks were video recorded leaving Iraq and going into Syria during the WMD debacle?

    • Oh, what a tangled web we weave…

      Which leaves us with the two options: snatch Mr. Assad so the Hague can find on the evidence and destroy his chemical arsenal. I don’t understand why everyone on both sides dances around that.

      Unless they’re all afraid the same thing might happen to Mr. Obama.

  3. <>

    And who will police the holder of the nation/terrorist group who hold vast stockpiles of chemical, nuclear,etc. and has used chemical weapons repeatedly (e.g. agent orange anyone?) and is the only nation who has ever dropped nuclear bombs on people, eh?

    Stay the hell out of Syria.

    And dismantle our empire.

    • One sure result of dismantling our “Empire” would be the loss of the network that provides the Internet for folks like Deck and yours truly on which to rant.

      • Sad but true. Even if we could accept the end result of economic leveling that would follow the end of our “empire,” the transitions between now and then would be so violent and destructive as so many groups strive to keep what’s “theirs” in a rapidly shrinking pot that only the most self-impoverished of anarchists would be able to appreciate it.

        Still, we started building what amounts to an empire somewhere around the middle of the 19th Century and argued over the appropriateness of doing so all along. Too bad we wound up developing some truly addictive habits (e.g. personal transportation, cheap food, health care).

  4. Agent Orange was a herbicide which had exposure toxicities that were not understood at the time (Vietnam era…. most of the serious toxicology work was done after the Seveso release of 2,3,7,8-TCDD in Italy in the latter ’70’s.) Every librul in the world loves to lump it in with Sarin and VX and anything else explicitly designed to kill PEOPLE rather than plants, since that helps paint America as the Great Satan. But the fact is, Agent Orange is a weedkiller, which makes it one HELL of a lot less nasty than nerve gas.
    Knock it off and keep the argument germane!

  5. I too, am god with “stay the hell out of Syria” – let-em kill each other, we’ll tally the results afterward.

    PS – About the fruit – I like the grape (and its juice) better than the pineapple………….

  6. The NYTimes reports that “President Obama said he would pursue a ‘diplomatic path’ on the Syria crisis even while making the moral case for punishing the country for its deadly use of chemical weapons.”

    Oooh. A moral case!

    Not a legal case. Not a red line case. A moral case.

    So he lied about the red line, too.

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