The Rabbit Died?

Another politically “correct” organization banned Easter eggs this year. And the Easter bunny.

Bunny Ears and TailHo hum.

Truth be told, I’m not keen on the commercialization of Christian holidays — there’s no Pesach Puppy spreading gifts in the grass, now is there — but I’m less enthralled by the airheads who want to tear them down.

After all, I grew up on the ears, the tail, the dip.

“Why do these religious nutcases have to parade their stuff everywhere you look,” my friend Lido “Lee” Bruhl me asked me the other day. “Why can’t they just keep it to themselves?

“I have the right not to have it shoved in my face,” he continued.

What about their right not to have nutcases like you shove your particular perversion in their faces, Lee? Hmmm?

I’ve long said that rust never sleeps. Will Durant once said Barbarism does not die. Both survive mostly because we stop paying attention.

Good Passover and Happy Easter, my friends.