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In these “non-inflationary” times, the rates are going up today. This notice came from Vonage.

Vonage logoEffective 09/24/12, the Regulatory, Compliance and Intellectual Property (RC&IP) Fee associated with your plan will increase from $1.99 per month to $2.99 per month. This fee enables Vonage to maintain our commitment to customer privacy, anti-fraud protection and innovation while delivering important new services.

Despite this increase, we are confident that Vonage provides the best value in unlimited calling throughout the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and to more than 60 countries worldwide.

Your friends at Vonage

I applaud a business that can figure out a way to cover their costs and make a profit. I just wish they wouldn’t try to spin it as a “recovery of fees.”

Taxes, materials, payroll, advertising and a host of other items are part of the cost of doing business. Business can follow about three paths to keep those costs in check: improve efficiency, reduce the size of the product, or raise the price. Guess what the phone companies do?

Phone companies apparently don’t think we’re smart enough to know when they raise their rates.

For the record? Comcast and Verizon are even worse. They just haven’t sent any stupid emails this week.

2 thoughts on “Fees Fees Fees

  1. My experience today was quite different from yours, Herr Blogmeister — both good and bad, but no less confounding.

    Early I went to Walmart and discovered they had my favorite ground-up corncob cat litter at a marked down price because is is a discontinued item. I greatly appreciate getting it for less money, but a *discontinued item*? Lawzy! Lawzy!It’s good stuff.

    Ground-up corncob cat litter is the most efficient product I have every used — and I have used a lot. Corncob absorbs cat urine; and when the box is completely saturated and can no longer do the job, I can take it to the compost pile and recycle it. It has cut my cat litter bill in half, as well as having turned my garden into a virtual Eden — sans the naked woman picking berries in the woods and the big, talking snake.

    But I cannot complain because when I went to fill a 90-day prescription, I learned that the price had been reduced from $87.50 to $12.50. Out of curiosity, I asked the pharmacist if it was because of ObamaCare. He candidly told me that he thinks they had been overcharging me since the first of the year.

    Should I sue them for *recovery of fees*?

    — George

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