2 thoughts on “Thor’s Trials & Tribulations

  1. As my negro neighbor Jackson says, “He be doing a dam good job.”

    Mr Jackson, however, has not had a job in 12 years and has not searched for one in 14 years; so, how would he know if someone were doing a good job or not?

    Me, I still work, and I know a good job when I see it, and I say that Obama is doing a dam good job of taking value from stockholder. Notice I said “value” and not “money”, because the nomenclature of money may remain the same, but the value of it decreases daily. For example, two years ago an ounce of gold would exchange for about 900 US dollars. Today, that same ounce of gold will buy almost 1600 dollars because the dollars have less value than they did 2 years ago. That is a decrease in value of about 45% in two years. 45%!!!

    And, as Bill Clinton allegedly said when he saw a woman naked, “That scares the pants off of me.”

    — George

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