4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. I walk most mornings: down this street and left toward 9th or 10th with a jog down to the ocean some days, right toward 12th Street with a stop at Sunset Park the others. I met this free range fellow on 12th Street.

    That was the first time I have been nudged and nuzzled and nibbled by a pig. He pig really did try to follow me all the way home. Good that I can walk fast. Good that pigs have very short legs. I lost him at the bend coming onto Ocean. He didn’t go wee wee wee. At least not on my shoe.

    The bug guy tells me he lives over there with a basset hound. Bug guy carries dog biscuits. For the pig.

    Also good that the pig didn’t escape when the Burmese python was making friends with the German tourists over on Ocean Blvd. a couple of weeks ago.

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