Thor’s Day Trials & Tribulations

pill pushingPharmacists used to count pills out by hand and dispense them in a bottle with a simple cap until that became unsafe. Then pharmacists counted pills on the counter and dispensed them in a bottle with a “child proof” cap until that became unsafe. Now pharmacists slap a label on a prepackaged carton filled with double-blister wrapped, scalloped indvidual pill nests impervious to shock, awe, nuclear explosion, and fingernails.

Not only have we quadrupled the waste stream, I have to work eight times longer to get the @#$%^ things open.

4 thoughts on “Thor’s Day Trials & Tribulations

  1. Remember the really good old days, when you just had to peel the bark off the tree and brew it into a tea when you had a headache?

    (I’ll bet Geno remembers those days!)

  2. I know what gekko is talking about because I had friends who were allowed to have headaches. My parents were strict.

    — George

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