5 thoughts on “Thor’s Day Trials & Tribulations

  1. Under what conditions would you ever drop your credit card at the toll plaza?

    The transponder works great. We still have cash tolls here in Tampa, but we finally switched over to the transponder about a month ago and love it. Load up the account online and away you go.

  2. @AJ: A credit card can replace a poetic license.

    I have a Sunpass and, yes, it works fine. Trouble is the SunPass portable transponder costs $25 plus tax at fine (authorized) SunPass retailers everywhere. There is now a Mini Sticker transponder for $4.99 plus tax, but it can’t be moved from car to car. I suspect a number of people whose cause you champion cannot afford to buy the portable transponder.

    There are plenty of other folks, from visitors to residents, who might use a Florida toll road only once or twice in a year or even a lifetime. A Sunpass makes little sense for them so they are stuck with uncertainty about the tolls and a $2.50 “administrative charge” every time they get a bill from the state.

  3. “…tolls and a $2.50 “administrative charge” every time they get a bill from the state.”

    Behold the money angle.

    — George

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