Paving (formerly E Premte) Peeves

Marathon, Florida’s, five-mile stretch of U.S. 1 will get its facelift sooner than expected. Repaving work on the highway, torn up for sewer work and other utility projects over the past couple of years, was originally slated to begin by early fall. It all started on Sunday. The paving alone will take months. All paving projects in Florida take months.

The project is scheduled to end in December but, of course, it was scheduled to end in December when it was scheduled to start two months from now. I figure that with the early start, they can drag it out until April or May.

5 thoughts on “Paving (formerly E Premte) Peeves

  1. How ’bout if FL DOT tears up the street in front of your house instead, then leans on its (collective) shovels until Spring. I’ll lend you my peeve until then.

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