Primary (formerly E Premte) Peeves

“Which side would you blame for the stalemate preventing a budget/debt ceiling deal?” the Wall Street Journal asked.

How ’bout both?

We all know that this particular six month extension is 90% political and 10% to assure that interest rates go up at least a point or two. The Repuglican leadership absolutely wants to have this fight come out again right in the middle of the 2012 presidential campaign. At the very least it will distract Obama from his real job of running for reelection.

Reckless spending by Demorats is a completely separate issue.

The real issue is that the Demorats are fiddling while Rome burns. Except the Repuglicans are busy eating grapes to the fiddle music.

Now doesn’t that just peeve me off? Or worse?

3 thoughts on “Primary (formerly E Premte) Peeves

  1. Perfectly perplexing pickle of a peeve, Person. Perhaps a peckish peep puts pepper ‘pon prevention. P’raps not. Piddly ponderings. Pish!

  2. The puddinheads of politics presently pronounced the Peoria Postal Portal pinned down. Pelosi said “It is the end of the world as we know it.”

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