Persembe (formerly Premte) Peeves

Liz Arden noted last night that steak gets caught between your teeth as you get older. That has nothing to do with aging on my part; steak has always gotten caught between my teeth. It is worse this week, though, because I broke a filling and can’t see the dentist until Tuesday. Couldn’t our design have included better teeth?

Speaking of getting older, this is my Birthday Prince week and she also mentioned that no one made me lemon cupcakes. For the record, I don’t like lemon cupcakes, even with chocolate icing, but still.

9 thoughts on “Persembe (formerly Premte) Peeves

  1. iGoogle says it’s Friday. Thursday’s something else (if you trust GOOG).

    Food gets stuck in my teeth more than it used to. Maybe flossing has opened my gaps.

    I’ll get the new Liz Arden book at the end of the month. Looking forward to that.

  2. “E premtja është dita e pestë e javës e kalendarit shqiptar.”

    “Friday is the fifth day of the calendar week in Albania.”

    Friday column of your other link.

    Language is fun. I like how you can see the relationshipo between Albanian “mërkurë” and Latin “Mercuriī” (Wednesday), though few others are so apparent. Now I’m geeking out on Albanian history and its alleged descent from Illyrian …

  3. Oops. I remember when I picked e premte that there was some confusion in the references to the week day names which is probably why we never outsourced our call centers to the Albanian warlords. Now I see that the Wiki columns have obvii changed — after all, I couldn’t possibly have read it incorrectly.

    Anyway, I guess future Premte Peeves will have to appear on Frabjous Fridays unless you all can come up with a better alliterative name. Persian is out.

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