The Aftermath – Part VII, Ball Game

For the record, I adore Nancy’s balls.

Nancy's Balls

Also for the record, it might have seemed strange to be on a date with Nancy and Don.

It is worth noting that Don was in California, cheering as the Giants hammered the Diamondbacks on Chase Field in P-hoenix. The guy is such an impassioned sports follower and rabid Giants fan, he was listening over the Interweb. Nancy and I were in the stadium watching as the Giants hammered the D-Backs. So much for the home field advantage.

Nancy is now three for three. She picked Jimmy Johnson to win the Sprint Cup race she attended with Anne. She picked the Giants to win the spring training game she attended with Don. She picked the Giants to win the game she attended with me. I, on the hand, maintained my own record; no team I root for has ever won a game I have attended.

It wasn’t too bad when the Giants scored the first run in the top of the first and Nancy texted Don to crow. It wasn’t too bad when the Giants held the D-Backs scoreless inning after inning and Don texted Nancy to crow. It wasn’t even too too bad when the Giants scored again in the fourth and Nancy and Don texted some more. When The Giants scored three runs in the fifth, I could tell the D-Backs were in a slump. Nothing slumping in the data flow, though.

Both teams went through five pitchers.

Of course, I was texting Anne at the same time Nancy was texting Don. I was trying to try to figure out if the teams were National League or American League. We probably should have asked Don. And Nancy had been texting me while she and Don watched that Spring training game. Come to think of it, both girls were texting me from the Sprint Cup Race; I don’t know if either of them texted Don that day.

Nancy asked me right after the ballgame if I minded that we were sitting there at the game while she rattled back and forth with the guy who wasn’t there.


I’ve learned that reaching out and touching each other — those little keep alive messages — are the most important part of our friendship.

“But she’s supposed to be focused on you…”

The fact that she has room to share a funny story or upload a picture of her balls doesn’t detract a bit from what we, Nancy and I, have together. It adds to what we all have in our lives.

Besides, dogs don’t care if you’re naked.

[Editor’s Note: gekko and I shared the four-part polylocution that lead up to these afterposts. Please visit The Poly Posts for the entire series and for other resources.]

Sculpture by Ania Modzelewski

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