Premte Peeves

I do not understand the weather sites. Inaccuweather™ forecast the following for this week:

Monday, 100°, Bright sunshine and hot
Tuesday, 102°, Sunny and seasonably hot
Wednesday, 101°, Sunny and very warm
Thursday, 105°, Sunny and very warm
Friday, 109°, Hot with sunshine
Saturday, 105°, Very warm with sunshine
Sunday, 106°, Sunny and hot

100° is hot. Got it.
109° is hot. I agree. Boy howdy.
105° is very warm? Starting to sound pretty “breezy” around here.

2 thoughts on “Premte Peeves

  1. As Willard Scott said to Bryant Gumbel, “The weather today will be partly cowdy.” Don’t know what he meant by it however, those two hated each other with a passion. Gumbels’s infamous memo had blasted WS to high heaven, so I guess the animus started then.

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