Premte Peeves

The Journal of Animal Ethics says calling the family dog a pet is simply derogatory. And don’t call rats, raccoons or any other woodland fauna “wild animals,” or “pests.” The Journal asks people to call all those untamed animals “free-living” or “free-roaming.”

The Journal writers say owners should call their dogs and cats “companion animals.”

What’s the matter with these wack-a-doodles at the Journal, promoting slavery like that? Don’t they know we cannot own another being? These companion beings choose to live with their human partners to bring comfort and cheer to us.

3 thoughts on “Premte Peeves

  1. frankly I find the word “animal” to be too disparaging when it comes to my companions. Think about how people have characterized certain unsavory free-ranging humans and their unethical, violent behavior. Think of Charlie Sheen.

    No, I think we should also drop the word “animal” and come up with something more appropriate for these noble companion beings from whom the free flow of loving acceptance and friendship forms a keystone in the foundation of human sanity.

    How about “food”?

  2. My sister-in-law has furry in-home companions — formerly known as pets — and is worried about the future of America. She is terrified that when times get really hard some ethnic thug will catch and eat her cats.

    — George

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