Prempte Peeves

!@#$%^ Windows.

I disable automatic updating on systems I own or manage. Day before yesterday, I manually updated a single Windows 7 component because it offered a new feature I needed. Microsoft also installed a trial version of Office 2007 and, unbeknownst to me, turned automatic updating back on. It tried and failed to update itself that night so yesterday morning, I explicitly turned off “install updates automagically on shutdown.” Again. Windows began installing 81 updates automagically when it shut down yesterday.

“Do not turn off this computer” it told me when I went to bed.

I left it running and went to bed. It apparently turned itself off when it finished; at any rate, the screen was black when I arose.

This morning, it spent 10 minutes trying to configure Windows, failing, and “reverting changes.” Naturally, I found more M$ Office components installed this morning. This ain’t a Private Foulup or even a Captain Foulup. This is a Major Foulup. Major.

!@#$%^ Windows.

Rufus reminded me to “be glad it ain’t a General Foulup or, worse yet, a Kernal Foulup!”

2 thoughts on “Prempte Peeves

  1. I wrote four books using a 640 something something internal disc and putting all of it on those five and something inch floppy disks. I had a green screen the whole time and a very rudimentary spell check with only two font choices. That was in the 90s and I wasn’t hooked up to the internet, if it even existed then. I guess it did because Algor was in the White House with Clinton, and he invented it.

    My point is that I did just fine without Windows. I now have Windows and Yahoo web-based mail, and I just found out today that two of my most cherished e-mail pals have been blocked for coupla months, and I didn’t even know it. I thought they were just pissed at me because I outted them.

    If I may quote Herr Blogmeister & add an addendum: “!@#$%^ Windows” and !@#$%^ Yahoo mail.

    I feel better now.

    — George

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