Premte Peeves

I don’t much like condiments in the upside down squeeze bottles. It’s not because the squeeze bottles are more expensive, although they are. It’s not because it’s harder to get the last drops out of the squeeze bottles, although it is. It’s because pooping the mayo out of a squeeze bottle looks so much like a dog squatting in the park.

White poop, but poop nonetheless.

4 thoughts on “Premte Peeves

  1. I truly, truly, truly hate those upside down bottles. With the heat of a thousand white-hot suns.

    A white-trash gal like me can’t get a decent jar of Miracle Whip anymore…

  2. Heh. I don’t use mayo, but yah those bottles are annoying in general. Also you have to buy everything in a ginormous size or else you’re not getting a deal … and then things are harder to open, etc.

  3. I buy Jack Daniels in the upside down pour bottle. JD does not come in a plastic squeeze model; however, it’s less expensive lookalike, “Old Overcoat” — that I buy for my Brother-in-Law — does.

    The BIL is prone to drop stuff — and he is often prone when he does it — so the shatter-proof bottle is best for him.

    As for mayonnaise, we get the plastic economy size with the big mouth for easy scooping with a spoon. When the stuff is all gone, I can swish the insides with a dinner roll or chunk of baked potato(e) to make sure nothing goes to waste. After that, my smallest kitten can get her head down inside to lick the sides while I hold it for her. If I don’t hold it she gets her head stuck and runs in a panic and scares shit out of everyone else on four legs.

    Wot’s this thread about anyway?

    — George

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