5 thoughts on “Premte Peeves

  1. @Paula: Just got back, thanks. The water is warmer than it has been for weeks. I stood around about waist deep for some time talking with a fellow from the other end of Lake Champlain. I now know a great deal about the house he sold a few years ago, his snow blower, the double wide he has now (that he is upgrading), his snow blower, his four kids, and his snow blower. We agreed that this water was too cold but that the same temp in the lake would be balmy.

    @Don: I wear a coat down here when it gets cold. Up to North Puffin we wear polar bears. And I’m setting myself up for a ONE HUNDRED DEGREE delta T.

    In Albanian, Thursday is E premte. Has a nice alliterative ring.

  2. Those Albanians have a way with words. They referred to Joe Willy as *God* until he left there and went with the Jets. They still said *God*, but they added a suffix to it after that.

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