Did You (Can You) Pass Math?

Did You Pass Math? is a blogware plug-in that “restricts comment spam by throwing the commenter a simple math question.” It works about 100% of the time against automated coments. Unfortunately, it also works about 50% of the time against real coments. When it fails, it eats your comment. I think it fails most often around suppertime.

Here’s the scoop. Either include a nice, Dunning-sized scoop of rum raisin ice cream with your comment or write your comment in a separate app like Notepad or your word processor of choice, then copy and paste it into the comment field.


5 thoughts on “Did You (Can You) Pass Math?

  1. I had a difficult time with three and zero. I kept wanting to use 30, but the machine rejected it. So I posted my cogent commnet to a sex blog instead. My comment had to do with a very greasy western saddle and a spirited three-year old horse named Whoa. It was really funny.

    — George

  2. See, the appropriate technique for you young octogenarians is to photocopy your sexblog comment before squirting onto the Internoodle, then paste it directly on your screen over here.

  3. I pasted my comments to my screen one time, and Mrs Poleczech said if I ever did it again I could dam well scrub the sumbich off.

  4. North Puffin’s first Town Manager was well liked and good at his job but a little behind the technology times. He kept a bottle of whiteout next to the screen, see…

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