Premte Peeves

St. Albans, Vermont, city workers chopped up the jewel-like reflecting pool in Taylor Park this week. It will be replaced by a new moving water feature over the next couple-seven years.

St Albans Messenger news photo

“And why are they starting it now?” one resident asked. “Don’t they know it’s winter?”

More to the point, don’t they know they have a collapsing sewer system that might be a higher priority?

Truth be told, the project has been been in the works for 10 years but they had to wait until the old guard retired so no one would be left to call them airheads.

2 thoughts on “Premte Peeves

  1. I love photos of the NE in autumn: Strewn leaves, broken concrete, twisted re-bar, orange and white cones, over-size saw horses, workmen urinating on their equipment. It makes my sap drip.

    — George

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