Anger Management

There, I said it.

Come to think of it, I am downright vexed. See, everywhere I look, people are trying to exasperate me and that just pisses me off.

BP, the company so many Americans have come to hate. They screwed up. The government screwed up. And the public got screwed. Meanwhile, 153 days of media coverage exacerbated the anger and fanned the flames. BP blamed the government which aggravated everybody. People on the ground blamed BP which antagonized BP but pleased pretty much everyone else. The media blitzed the scientists by offering conflicting reports, then blaming the experts for not knowing the answers. They took science down another notch which irks me. Lot of anger in that paragraph.

Anybody been to court lately? When our Visigoth neighbors decided some of our land was their land, they dragged us before the local zoning board, then sued us in both Vermont’s Superior and Environmental courts. They lied which inflamed me. I resisted which affronted them. Lot of anger in that paragraph.

“The only litigation more contentious than a divorce is a boundary line dispute,” our lawyer said. He, at least, was happy.

It goads people (“goad,” not “goat,” although it probably gets some goats, too) when I say this but Islam galls us. Some Muslims enrage us. One of the reasons they do, aside from claiming “religion of peace” status whilst trying to kill us, is simple: raving Muslim terrorists stir up embittered Muslim illiterates to blast unsuspecting Americans while ruffled rank-and-file Muslims stand idly by. Lot of anger in that paragraph.

Jealousy. There’s a biggie. In another arena gekko said “jealousy became more important than the relationships I craved.” Proverbs reminds us that Anger is cruel and destructive, but it is nothing compared to jealousy. Still, when Anthony Lozano threatened, bound, and tortured his girlfriend who eventually escaped the home they shared, all allegedly because he found a post on her Facebook page from another man, he certainly acted out his exasperation, irritation, and temper.

Take politics (sounds like a Henny Youngman joke). Here in Vermont, Demorat Peter Shumlin is riling his supporters (and the opposition) to a full boil over the Repuglican Brian Dubie’s hateful stand to renew the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant license. Mr. Dubie has maddened his supporters (and the opposition) by calling Mr. Shumlin a liar and a liberal. Lot of anger in that paragraph.

I’m a political junkie. I have chaired political committees, sat in political booths at field dayses, and walked the streets registering voters. I have run for office. I am now a “Librarian” but I started out as a Republican. I stuck it out until the party started to rant and rankle. I generally like the ideas individual Tea Party peeps discuss, but the Tea Party as a whole scares me because they monger anger. Their invective leverages agitation, outrage, and seething, steaming umbrage to whip voters into the mob frenzy independent of the thought process.

All extremists favor those tactics. The media who know that if you bleed, it leads. The lawyers who charge by the infuriating hour. The religious freaks who bristle over a Bris. The control freaks who flip over Facebook. And the politicians, whether they be home grown “officials,” terrorist fanatics, miffed militia men, or radical revolutionaries.

Provocation pays.

Here’s my plan for the 43 days until November 2 (and all the days in the future):

  • If you are in the media and you pump out lies designed to get on my nerves, you will succeed and I will not buy from your sponsors.
  • If you belong to an extremist religion and continue to support the people who want to kill me, it will offend me and I will ask that you lose your tax exempt status.
  • If you are a politician seeking my vote, stop. If you name your opponent it will anger me and I will write my own name in on the ballot.

Breaking News:
I am just sooooooooo tired of these airheads: The NYTimes reports that, “Democrats are deploying the fruits of a yearlong investigation into the business and personal histories of Republican candidates in an effort to plant doubts about them.” !@#$%^ing !@#$%^ers.

6 thoughts on “Anger Management

  1. Anyone who wants to run for office should be immediately disqualified because obviously s/he is a slimeball. No decent person would want that!

  2. <g>

    Back when I raced cars, most other drivers were “gentlemen racers” — fierce competitors but amateurs. I thought politics was still that way when I ran for State Representative in the 90s and in some ways it still was but it was changing.

    The RNC brought in an expert to school us in Campaign 101 which included using cable TV to reach our constituents. The fact that there were no cable companies in Vermont at the time and that campaign finance limits meant no one in those races could the money needed for decent advertising penetration didn’t phase him at all.

    I’m not sorry I lost.

  3. Dick, I would leave a comment but I don’t know where to start.
    1. Maybe on Fox News, who is allegedly the rightwing whacko news channel (and hence my exclusive broadcast news source) but who won the contest on exhibiting anti-BP stridency? I _still_ want to jam a rag in Shepard Smith’s mouth. (By the way…. 11 guys just doing a job were the BIG losers in that whole event. And how much press have you seen on them and their families? Try googling Deepwater Horizon fatalities identies.) (Did you know they didn’t find ONE single body?)

    2. “the Tea Party as a whole scares me because they monger anger.” Against whom? Someone undeserving? Or Federal Politicians (who OBVIOUSLY are not of the previously-mentioned class!)Is this inappropriate?
    Dick, how many citizens have given up voting because they feel it makes no difference. Should people NOT be angry? And will they do what needs to be done (“t’row da bums out” i.e. voting) unless someone helps them realize they SHOULD be pissed off? Call it anger mongering if you will, but it is a much higher calling than you would apparently have us think.

  4. @Bb: The Tea Party mongers anger against the fairly anonymous “federal government” and against policies that are broadly “wrong” for the country. Before you say, “what’s wrong with that?” understand that the Demorats monger fear about the fairly anonymous “conservatives” and against Repuglican policies that are broadly “wrong” for the country.

    They stoke us by being against stuff. The raise our ire to be against stuff.

    Show me a voter who actually knows how any given politician today would introduce or vote on any measure that actually accomplishes something. Oh, sure, we prolly know how every politician in the country will vote on abortion or on steroids in baseball. Ain’t neither of them mission critical to a country with more than 10% systemic uneployment and a flat GDP,

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