Premte Peeves

Why is it that TSA won’t let one sealed, 12-ounce can of Pepsi™ through the security check-in but a woman with a double decker cart of cased soda bottles sails right through?

Why is the Brother HL-2170W printer Quick Start Guide 12% larger than the entire User’s Guide?

Note to VTRANS (the Vermont Department of Transportation): a huge, blinking, traffic sign that reads “BRIDGE WORK BEGINS” is a great idea. A huge, blinking, traffic sign that reads “BRIDGE WORK BEGINS 9/2” is far more useful.

2 thoughts on “Premte Peeves

  1. You can throw your Pepsi bomb, but she’d have to unwrap one of her bottles first, giving time to the marshals to tackle her.

    Your “No Comments”phrase seems a bit off-putting, don’t you think?

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