7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. This is a good subject, Herr Blogmeister. Telling someone of the opposite sex that you love them is not an endeavor to be taken lightly. And even more delicately is the act of saying it to someone of the same sex. However, that is not necessarily a prohibition. Here’s what I mean.

    You remember the old saw: “The Greeks have a word for it.”

    When it comes to *love*, the Greeks have coupla dozen words that express it as it pertains to different things. Love of life, love of children, love of brother, love of parents, love of God, love of opposite sex, and love of same sex, and …etc etc etc. You get the message.

    We can’t really differentiate between such feelings as brotherly love and sexual love unless we resort to using the *F* word — and even then we have to point at the one to which we are referring lest somebody mistakenly call us queer. So, we use words like homosexual and heterosexual, and then people call us homophobes.

    It’s hard to win that battle. And even though I have gone on record as saying that homosexuality is repugnant, if I say that I “love” some guy, I run the risk of being called a hypocrit-shadow-homosexual by leftist freaks.

    We simply do not have enough words in the English language to express all the different types of love that exist in humans.

    Yesterday I got a nice letter from Sarah Palin asking me to donate to her cause. I told Mrs George that “I love Sarah Palin,” and she said she did too. I was shocked. Even after 40 years of marriage, I never took Mrs George to be *that type*.

    Damn I’m funny.

    — George

  2. I am glad to see that this gekko fellow still reads this blog.

    I enjoyed the cartoonic representation of wordlessness that Herr Blogmeister used to get his message across. Since I did not have a scanner and the technical know-how to find and post a suitable graphic in *wordless* kind, I had to fall back on my lame language skills that I picked up in public school.

    Next Wednesday mebbe I can use coded text that really does not qualify as true words. If that is not acceptable, perhaps I can borrow a scanner and get my son to help me post an extension of my middle finger.

    — George

  3. Humans are human, not because we have opposable thumbs, nor because we have flexible wrists (good for many things, I’m told), nor even because we have a unique shoulder/collar bone configuration enhancing our ability to throw long distances (although throwing like a girl calls some humanity into question). No, humans are humans and not primates because humans possess the capability of symbolic thought.

    I enjoy George’s evidence of humanity.

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