A Novel Idea!

Hilary Clinton had apparently never heard of it before but better late to the party than to miss it all together. “We actually think it’s a novel idea to do the needs assessment first and then the planning and then the pledging,” she said during an international conference on aid to Haiti in Montreal today.

From her mouth to the U. S. Congress collective ear.

I think I’ve heard of needs assessment before.

Haiti wants $3 billion forever to rebuild their country. Congress wants $2 trillion each and every year to rebuild health care here.

Despite the “needs assessment” rhetoric, and concerned about corruption and wobbly leadership in Haiti, Ms. Clinton agreed to a 10-year plan that would “create a better capital city and will cost $3 billion” anyway. Ms. Clinton spoke out of both sides of her mouth and threw us under de bus.

We is doomed.

2 thoughts on “A Novel Idea!

  1. Those of us (and few we are) who object to giving even one dime to Haiti relief can take some wee comfort in the knowledge that very, very little of that three billion dollars will actually see the light of day in that geographical rat hole. Instead, it will continue to fuel the counterproductive machine that has driven Haiti for as long as their citizens have had chickens to sacrifice or bones to toss.

    — George

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