Throw da Bums Out

I have mentioned Radio Guy Josh Mothner on these pages before. Mr. Mothner hosts the Morning Mix on WGMX-FM here in the heart of the Florida Keys. In real life, he is a banker and mortgage broker. He is also a community volunteer and a serious, big-D, Demorat. He often rants about one or another of my pet peeves; sometimes he even comes down on the right side of an issue.

Mr. Mothner was in full rant this morning with pretty much the same message I’ve sent for a year: Throw da Bums Out . All of them. Every single elected official in Washington. Even yours. And yours. His is the first media commentary I’ve heard outside the blogosphere with that message.

Pick any issue of import, Mr. Mothner said this morning. Congress has bumbled it either because they act sooooooooo sloooooooooowly or because they simply get it wrong. Usually they get it wrong and it takes forever to do so.

Consider, for example, ObamaCare. If you recognize Senate Bill S.4 (the Comprehensive Health Reform Act of 2009) or House Bills HR3200, HR3962, and HR3590 (Affordable Health Care for America times two and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Acts), you’ll understand that Congress has been diddling while America burned.

Sadly it matters not at all whether you fervently believe that

(a) government is incapable of filling potholes let alone managing a process as big and complex as your health care; or
(b) only government is able to manage a process as big and complex as your health care.

Whatever your core beliefs, the Congress We the TaxedPeople elected has managed to assure none of us are well served by any of the more than 10,000 pages of “affordable” health care proposals now papering Washington D.C.

Have you noticed? Congress lurves the word “affordable.” They plan to force a baker’s dozen affordable issues on We the TaxedPeople this year alone. So far. Have your taxes gone down? Did your rent get cheaper? Your life must be more affordable, right? Congress says it is. Here are the baker’s dozen “affordable” bills from thomas :

  • Affordable Access to Prescription Medications Act of 2009
  • Affordable Care for Women Act
  • Affordable Food and Fuel for America Act
  • Affordable Footwear Act of 2009
  • Affordable Gas Price Act
  • Affordable Health Care Expansion Act of 2009
  • Affordable Health Care for America Act
  • Affordable Health Choices Act
  • Affordable Housing and Community Development Act of 2009
  • Affordable Housing Preservation and Revitalization Act of 2009
  • Affordable Housing Preservation Tax Relief Act of 2009
  • Affordable Reloaded Munitions Supply (ARMS) Act of 2009
  • Affordable Tutoring of Our Children Act

Affordable, huh? That would be the same Congress that just passed a 12% bump in their spending budget at the same time they ruled the Cost of Living flat for senior citizens. The flat Cost of Living we see at the pump, no doubt. After all we do have the Affordable Food and Fuel for America Act and the Affordable Gas Price Act.

Perhaps Hillary Clinton summed it up best: “A camel (that would be a race horse designed by Congressional Committee) is a well-designed animal,” she told Rep. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) in recent hearings.

Throw da Bums Out! You go, Josh.

But first, throw out the Congressional Rules that allow them to pass laws that do not apply to, well, Congress Critters.

Then Throw da Bums Out, indeed. We can’t afford them.

4 thoughts on “Throw da Bums Out

  1. Dick Wrote: “…you’ll understand that Congress has been diddling while America burned.

    Sadly it matters not at all whether you fervently believe that.”

    It’s true that Congress, as an organization, has (f)iddled while America burned; but not all congressmen took part in the chamber music. So, throwing the bums out enmasse (if such a word exists) would be a disservice to the minority of fine, patriotic civil servants who have stood by the constitution and have had the integrity and gall to verbalize their dissatisfaction with the majority and with the prevaricating POTUS whose wishes they grant seemingly without question. One-singular such congressman in example is representative Joe Wilson who stood up and called Obama a liar — in the most public of places.

    But getting back to your esteemed democrat radio host: He IS a democrat, and you have to ask yourself: Why is he doing that? Truth is, he has put into motion a typical liberal ploy that hopefully mid-nation america will not lap up.

    The ploy is to appeal to and rile conservative voters who ARE fed up with the goings on, and get them to do as he says and vote against the reelection of ALL of the GOP candidates in the field. This would be a coup indeed, eh?

    Of course, he knows that the liberals are not fed up and will not heed his call for clearing the house. No, of course they will not vote against the very ones whom they adore as saviors of the nation.

    Only the *fed up* voters who have a sense of disgust will rise in ire and cast their votes in disfavor of their congressmen and senators. Some voters who are dense between the ears might even stay at home rather than vote for the incumbent GOP legislator.

    That will just about ensure a shoo-in of the democrat incumbents as well as the election of a few more on the bad guys’ side of the aisle.

    It sounds good on the air waves — but, Mr Blogmeister, this is a well-thought-out socialist scheme; and we see and hear it more and more on the TV and in various emails that are passed around. DON’T FALL FOR IT.

    Work to elect more conservative voices, and constrain them to bring their mealey-mouthed veteran legislators into tow. If you must vote to “throw the bums out”, throw out the rinos — but make sure there’s an upgraded replacement to occupy the vacated seat.

    God Bless America, and God Bless Sarah Palin.

    — George

  2. I understand George’s desire to keep the three ultra conservatives voices in Congress and to throw out the RINOs and the lefty loons.

    George is wrong. We need to throw out every last Congress Critter and the Congressional “rules” they passed to let them hoist us on a petard of our own making. See, if you leave this “good” one and he leaves that “good” one, and Rufus over there leaves that other “good” one, not only would we end up with 534 “good” ones left over, the ones you keep will corrupt the incoming class of 1.

    Throw da bums out. All of them. We really can’t afford them.

  3. Tell you wot. Before you sign off on this project and take embarrasssing ownership of it, run it by Ron and Jeff and get their response. No way will any self-disrespecting liberal throw out the bums on their side of the aisle that promote liberalism/socialism in this counry.


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