Fall Cometh

All people have the right to starve.
We ought not take away people’s rights.

A friend in the Philly area reported it was 70̊ at his home this morning. “I really LOVE Fall,” he said. Keats did, too.

While barred clouds bloom the soft-dying day,
And touch the stubble-plains with rosy hue…

I like the colors of autumn — its images take a disproportionate corner of my gallery — but I don’t like the end of the weather that keeps us alive and the beginning of weather that tries to kill us.

Autumn isn’t supposed to start until September 21 and it should stay with us until December 20 but the locust leaves started turning and dropping late last month and the temperature here won’t get out of the sixties today. Our apple tree is overproductive this year; it started dropping fruit about the same time the locusts began their seasonal death. By the end of “Autumn” North Puffin will have had at least two snowfalls and we can expect the thermometer to have kept us burning wood for weeks.

I started stacking firewood and putting up preserves last week. We heat with a combination of a modern oil-hot water furnace, a new pellet stove, and a 70s-era airtight wood stove. We’ll burn about 700 gallons of fuel oil, 4 tons of pellets, and a couple of cords of wood to keep this old farmhouse habitable for six months or so. Firewood warms us several times. I stack it on the hill in sun and wind for a year or more to dry and season it. That’s out there a long walk from the wood stove in my bunny slippers, so at this time of the year I restack the winter supply in the woodshed attached to the house. When it gets properly cold outside, we add it one or two chunks at a time to the stove which will burn around the clock.

On the other hand, I’m an optimistic, endless summer kind of guy. I know I will win the lottery, that my hair will grow back, and that (thanks to the liberal super-majority in Washington) the free ObamaFuel plan means free heating oil in our tanks, the free ObamaCare plan will instantly fix our impending loss of spousal health insurance, and that the free ObamaFeeds plan means no one will starve in America this winter.


I still have a whole lot of summer left. I can put my feet up and rest a while!

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2 thoughts on “Fall Cometh

  1. Fall is a great time of year. Winter is not so hot. Geddit? Not so hot? Okay.

    25 years ago I bought a Ben Franklin® cast iron, wood burning stove for my country house. It weighs 325 pounds without the grate. I never got it going because needs became that we moved back into the burbs; but now that Obamawood is plentiful, I plan to rent an appliance dolly and move it to the front of the hearth and vent it up the chimney. Last time we tried to move it, Mrs Poleczech’s clutch began slipping when she put her uumphff in gear.

    This coming winter promises to be colder than usual for us, and I even wrapped my water pipes. (In SE Texas homes, most water pipes run overhead and are seldom sufficiently wrapped for zero C temps. If they freeze and burst, you will soon have your living quarters redecorated with drywall and pink fiberglass insulation.)

    I even bought a chain saw for reducing some of these fallen trees to stove size.

    I don’t like to be cold. If I liked being cold I would move up by the big airport. So, I will protect my wood pile same as I would protect my own virtue. I will put a sign on it: DO NOT STEAL THIS WOOD UNLESS YOUR BROTHER-IN-LAW IS AN UNDERTAKER.

    In Texas you can do that.

    — George

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