Guest Post: George on Buggered. Really Really Buggered.

This column responds to
Bugged. Really Really Bugged.
posted July 13. The author calls it
purely, ideologically speculative
and opinion by Mr Poleczech.

I have to come back here to discuss the real issue — I am persuaded that the real issue is neither about religion nor about civil rights.

The Southern Christian Leadership Conference is strongly opposed to same-sex marriage; and that conservative stance is directly contra to the political stance of the Democratic Party. That fact has to gall party leaders who do everything possible to woo homosexuals to the Democrat side–and keep them there.

You can well bet that Rev. Lee made his pro-gay marriage proclamation after consultation with top party leaders and with a promise of $trong $upport. If we could follow the money trail it would lead us right to my next paragraph:

This whole thing has everything to do with patching a rift in the Democratic Party by bringing that faction (the negro voting bloc) fully into the fold by supporting one of the party’s biggest priorities: placating the homosexual community.

Reverend Lee did his part by bringing it to the forefront and forcing a vote where negro Democrats will have to stand on one side of the line or the other. Either they are pro gay or not. There will be no line straddling.

Of course, the party will be relying on the ancillary support of liberal republicans and wide-eyed moderates, who would be the last to suspect disingenuous intentions by an organization of “Faith”. These helpers will gasp and take an immediate 90 degree turn and tackle the seemingly obvious — but fake — reason for all the ado. These helpers will, of course, come out on the side of homosexual civil rights with a denunciation of religious beliefs — adding additional props, when all the while the Party of Roosevelt and LBJ can stand by with a pious expression and click its tongue at those who might still have the balls to stand in opposition.

So. it’s all about solidifying the Democratic party. Nothing else.

 — George Poleczech

5 thoughts on “Guest Post: George on Buggered. Really Really Buggered.

  1. George’s razor insight has again let him hammer the nail SQUARELY on the head. George, I am sorry to say I didn’t see it until you pointed it out. But it is CRYSTAL CLEAR to me now, and you are exactly right!


  2. Rufus wrote: “But it is CRYSTAL CLEAR to me now, and you are exactly right!”

    Ghoseblumenheit! The last time I was right was when I predicted that Geraldo would find nothing of value in the Titanic’s vault. I watched that show twice just to make sure they didn’t slip something in on it the second time.

    — George

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