Spam Scam

I am, while you read this, driving up the East Coast burning 90% dead dinosaurs and throwing away the other 10% of my fuel dollars on a government scam.

Ethanol is the automotive equivalent of email spam for erection extenders.

You’ve seen the ads.

ED Med proud to offer the world best quality
of erection pills, at huge savings over the brand equivalents.

Ci ialis (only $3 per pill)
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Join our current 5 millions happy users today.

I’ve become increasingly frustrated and it has nothing to do with Mr. ED. We in this part of the blogosphere are doing good things: we’re asking the right questions and we’re honing the good answers.

We’ve known since 2006 that the taxpayer-funded subsidy for ethanol came to $1.45 per gallon. We’ve known for even longer that ethanol cuts mileage at a time the same government that underwrites this non-fuel mandates higher economy and greater ethanol usage. We’ve also known that ethanol laced fuels corrode automotive, marine, and lawnmower fuel systems. And we have certainly announced it.

No one hears us. The Beltway Bandits of the world don’t (won’t? can’t?) listen and 306,711,705 people here in these United States have never even heard of No Puffin (in a wild flight of fancy, I assumed that one thousand peeps have). “ED Med” claims 5,000 times that many satisfied users.

And you, gentle reader, have. You may even agree some of the time.

Unfortunately, that audience of one is insufficient to effect change.

People seem to buy from spam. Otherwise, spammers wouldn’t do what they do.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

3 thoughts on “Spam Scam

  1. Herr Blogmeister geschrieben:

    “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

    I don’t know what you are thinking, but I’m thinking I’d like you to tell me where you get your Viagra for $1.56 a pill.

    I know it won’t work in my Ford Explosion’s gas tank, but it sure works in mine.


  2. I can’t read minds that well but I think with what the lunatics are doing in charge, take “Ethanol”
    “they” pass this stuff off as saving us from burning more oil, if only a sound minded Americans would see through this as a scam and communicate this to others, the Americans who don’t seem to care about anything but sports, beer, porn, American Idol etc. Where are the thinkers in this country ?

    Ethanol, we are burning food ! do I have to list the negative things about this ? in general are we that uncaring or down right stupid, thanks in part by our education system ?

    Higher prices for food made with corn products
    Cattle feed
    The USA used too at least give or sell cheaply our surplus corn to starving countries, this is covered by the news media not in this country but the EU.
    The list for the cost of converting, processing, transportation of ethanol is out there so is the harm of using it in combustion engines, the storage of it the list is endless.

    Why ? why are “they” pushing this on us ? simple.

    The left in this country wants us to use less oil, the left in this country would rather have us use food as a stretcher, would rather have us buy more crude from our enemies, would really like to see $5 plus a gallon, would rather see us in zero or one star rated clown cars (even if it means the same size trucks on the road)

    Anything, except drill in our own country, this is what we are dealing with, but who cares ?

    What game is on tonight and where can I get cheap, Viagra ?

    I am thinking we have a long way to go down before the typical American can really think !


  3. John writes:

    “so is the harm of using it in combustion engines.”

    A fuel sales terminal (formerly known as service station) nearby has special pumps marked Ethanol so that drivers can make the choice. However, I chatted with one of the delivery drivers who confided in me that he pumps the same stuff into both tanks. Go figger.

    So, I don’t have any idea whether I’m using fossil fuel or marinaded corn. I’ll prolly find out when my gaskets and hoses start going kaplooie.

    — George

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