3 thoughts on “Your Bank or Mine?

  1. Dubya said he lost money in the downturn–which will make it tough for him to pay for his new digs in North Dallas.

    Me and a couple of redneck buddies plan to drive up there every few weeks to trim the lawn and do a few fix-em-up jobs around the place to help out. Laura says she will feed us at the back porch on those colorful Audubon bird plates with real utensils.

  2. On a more serious note, American noncongressional citizens have never enjoyed the pension perks as those of our elected officials. Who among we commoners even knows what their tax-rate assessments are? Same as ours…I suspect not. I understand their pension amounts are guaranteed, but guaranteed via what savings/investment institution or instrument? Perhaps Fort Knox itself.

    They have the benefit of voting themselves pay raises and establishing their own expense budgets subject to the approval of some self-serving committee made up likenesses of themselves.

    I think if I could not be an Elvis impersonator I would want to impersonate a US congressman. There are lots of them up there doing it now.

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