What? Are They Nuts?

What? Is he nuts?

Miami-Dade Superintendent of Schools Alberto Carvalho plans to sue the state of Florida to recoup approximately $25 million in “lost revenue” because declining property values have hammered the (new) state funding formula.

Mr. Carvalho also plans to hire outside counsel for the litigation. At $4-500 per hour for Florida attorneys, that makes this a $100,000 lawsuit. Probably more if he hires a white shoe firm.

Sounds fine to me. Let’s replace a couple of good teachers with a lawyer.

And another thing. Everybody wants an increasing slice of this shrinking pie. Doesn’t anybody else notice how ridiculous it is for one agency of government to sue another agency of government? If the school district wins, the Agency of Transportation will be duty bound to sue not the State but the Miami-Dade School District. After all, if the state gives the school district the “lost revenue” that money will arguably come from the highway trust fund.

I can’t believe that Alan Shore won’t be around to litigate that one.

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