Today is the 33rd Great American Smokeout. I know how hard it is. Believe me, it’s worth it.

In a time when you practically need a new mortgage for a cuppa Joe and a pack o’ smokes, it’s good to know that a one-pack-a-day smoker can save a pretty significant part of a mortgage payment out of pocket each month just by quitting.

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2 thoughts on “Smokeout

  1. I congratulate Dick for his having become a nonsmoker.

    When I was a child my mother and dad smoked Camels, and I grew up relishing the aroma of second-hand smoke. Yes, I really loved the smell of it. However, for reasons (and blessings) known only to God, I did not have the same attraction to first-hand smoke and also never acquired the ability to inhale. So, I was always just a puffer at parties and never a shur’nuf smoker.

    As an adult I discovered the same aversion to marijuana, and my most vivid mj memory was in getting high for a few hours and coughing for three days. Apparently my bronchial tubes are as tender as a mouse’s scrotum; so, I never did that either.

    Both my parents died way short of actuarial averages even though each had given up tobacco years before, and I attribute their early deaths to those decades of smoking. I admire people who stop smoking, and I support the Great American Smokeout.

    Today Big Tobacco, tomorrow Big Fubu.

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