Every Florida Democrat in Congress has written to Democratic Party Chair (and former Vermont Governor) Howard Dean. The congress critters have insisted that Governor Dean respect the Florida voters by seating the Florida delegates at the upcoming Democratic convention.


Perhaps every Florida Democrat in Congress needs to have some respect for the rules of their own party. After all, it was the Florida Democrats who broke their own rules by holding their primary elections too early. The Florida Democrats knew they were breaking the rules because the Party leadership and every media outlet in the known universe told them so. I reckon even Al Jazeera carried that particular story.

Now they want to break the rules again.

Does anybody wonder why I don’t want to be a Democrat in any state?

2 thoughts on “R-E-S-P-E-C-T

  1. Oh, swell. The news just gets better and better.

    In the interests of full disclosure, I am registered to vote in Florida.

    After the Democrats pissed and moaned about Bush winning the election here with lawyers, not votes, Democratic Party lawyers now say party rules call for Florida and Michigan to lose at least half their delegates at the convention. Which means Florida and Michigan gain half their delegates at the convention. Which violates the party rules that said “hold the primary after this date or lose your delegates.” I don’t see much ambiguity there.

    That said, Billary will probably appeal whatever decision comes down with a credentials fight at the convention.


    Anybody else smell another Supreme Court battle?

    Agents for change my furry white patootie. This is politics as usual with the pols remaking the rules whenever they want.

    “The unkept promises are corrosive,” Ms. Clinton said. I could not agree more.

    Bye Bye Billary. Bye Bye Dems.

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