3 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. This is neither political statement nor Ford Motor Company ad.

    Falconry: There is disagreement whether osprey are falcons or accipiters, but this osprey perched on the davit for quite a while Monday afternoon. Yes, I shot a few “rolls” from about 8-10′ away.

    I walked around, opened doors, closed doors. I even hollered across to a neighbor who was out sunbathing. She was entranced, too. Even our shouted conversation didn’t bother him. At one point, he stood there and scratched one foot with the other foot. It took a long time for him to decide to move to a palm tree a couple of houses away, but he did it by lighting the afterburners on full military power.

  2. Intrepid birders have a “fornication and defecation” list for all birds that they see (ahem) engaged in those two activities. Some uncouth birders use a shortened title. Therefore you now have Osprey on your “F and S” list.

    And there is some question among the avian taxonomy people as to where Osprey fit into the taxonomic list of raptors. They are placed either in the their own family (sometimes) or subfamily of the Accipitriformes – hawks, eagles and kites. They are not considered allied to falcons, in fact falcons are now placed in a distant spot in the avian list, far from the rest of the hawks and next to – of all things – parrots.

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