“This Town Ain’t Big Enough …”

Another Puffin Tale from Dodge City that you just can’t make up.

Nick Grindell: I’m getting tired of your meddling. This town ain’t big enough for the both of us and I’m going to give you 24 hours to get out. If I see you in Carabinas by this time tomorrow, it’s you or me!
Tim Barrett: I’ll see you at this time… tomorrow.

A tumbleweed skitters across the road from The Western Code (1932) to High Noon (1952). There are no shadows. The sun is merciless in the sky. And the Sheriff says to the d00d, “This town ain’t big enough for the both of us.”

From IMDB, When Tim Barrett rides into Carabinas in The Western Code, his reputation as a lawman precedes him. Rescuing Polly Loomis from the unwanted attentions of a saloon ruffian, he learns her mother married ranch foreman Nick Grindel shortly before her death, and left everything to him in her will. Nick has proposed marriage to his stepdaughter, and she fears violence if her hot-blooded brother Dick finds out. When a body is found at the Bow Knot, Tim barely rescues Dick from a necktie party and is deputized to investigate when Dick confesses to a crime he didn’t commit.

The Sheriff ran a d00d out of town.

You may recall the Key West shootout in October last year when Timothy Thomas got into it with deputies on Stock Island.

I shot the sheriff, but I didn’t shoot the deputy.

No matter what my daughter often says, sometimes life just isn’t a country song.

The Key West Police and the Monroe County Sheriff’s office had been looking for Mr. Thomas for an armed robbery at a home down the street from Key West High School; the school was locked down. He took off in a stolen black Ford Mustang. Deputies spotted the car in the dark out on Stock Island not far from the jail. He opened fire on them when they tried to nab him.

He shot a Sheriff’s deputy in the chest but the deputy’s bullet-proof vest saved him.

He’s charged with attempted murder of a police officer, four counts of being a felony possessing a firearm, burglary, altering a firearm serial number, and property damage.

Jump to the present.

Tyler Thurston, Mr. Thomas’ younger brother, threatened the lives of a police officer and his family in text messages and Facebook posts hours after bad guy bro Tim was jailed for that shooting.

Text 1: “I got a 357 magnum fully loaded and a 9 ruger with 16 bullets waiting for yalls names to pop back up in my f—in’ ear. I know where yall live, I’ll kill everybody in the house.”
Text 2: “…there wont be a f—ing soul that could save yall from me. I’ll kill yall b—-es slowly and unmercifully.”

“Kids nowadays just don’t realize once you text something or put in on Facebook, it’s out there forever, whether you’re serious or not,” his lawyer told the Keynoter. “He had to learn these things the hard way and he feels badly that what he wrote scared some people.”

Uh huh.

The “kid” bro has been under the care and feeding of the Sheriff since October. Last week, he agreed to five years of probation in a plea bargain with prosecutors. The deal says he must complete a two-year drug offender program. He also has to get out of Monroe County and stay out.


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