One thought on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Words for Wordless:

    I was actually searching for the slightly more affordable Canon 600mm f/5.6 lens when Google presented me with this unique EF-mount 1200mm f5.6 lens. Wow.

    Canon described it as “the world’s largest interchangeable SLR autofocus lens, in terms of both focal length and maximum aperture.” The lens is now discontinued and very rare. The original MSRP was $89,579 in 1993.

    Someone, somewhere, bid a fond farewell to one of the most legendary telephoto lenses ever made. It is offered by B&H who notes, “Our friends at Canon cannot even tell us how many of these lenses were made, with any certainty.”

    No typo. They aren’t kidding about the price. That’s a tough one. You can buy this high-speed military catamaran (also used) for the same price.

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