Random Medical Day

CRE, the new super bug I had never heard of, is in the news after an outbreak at a UCLA hospital.

Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriacea has no known cure. It was transmitted at UCLA via improperly cleaned endoscopes that still contained the bacteria even after they were disinfected. CRE can kill up to half the patients who contract them.

“The moving parts of the elevator mechanism contain microscopic crevices that may not be reached with a brush,” the FDA said. “Residual body fluids and organic debris may remain in these crevices after cleaning and disinfection. If these fluids contain microbial contamination, subsequent patients may be exposed to serious infections.”

The advice is to show your doctor some FDA instructions that recommend additional cleaning practices, including meticulously cleaning the elevator mechanism by hand.

Yeah, that’s what I need to be doing, managing how my doc runs his office. Right after I get done managing how he bills me.

Lordy Lordy™.